There are a number of good quality maps of Australian available for Garmin GPS receivers, both proprietary and free.

Maps for Garmin Devices

  • Garmin City Navigator (proprietary) - Good coverage of roads and urban points of interest. Has a lot of the major bush tracks and trails as well, but no elevation data. These maps are routable, so can be used for in-car navigation.
  • Garmin TOPO Australia (proprietary) - Good coverage of bush tracks and trails as well, and includes elevation contours. These maps are not routable, so cannot be used for in-car navigation.
  • OzTopo (proprietary) - Similar detail to the Garmin TOPO maps, which they actually predate.
  • Shonkymaps (free) - non-routable maps based on the NATMAP data produced by Geoscience Australia. Good coverage of bush tracks and trails, and includes elevation contours at 50m intervals.
  • Open Street Map (free) - The OSM Project is a community driven project to produce free and open maps for the whole world.  They currently have good coverage of Australia, and this data is regularly exported in a Garmin compatible format here. Worldwide maps can be custom-made here, but they take a long while to generate. These maps are fully routable.
  • Tracks4Australia (free) - Another community driven project, aiming to produce a set of Garmin maps for Australia. Seems to have largely been superceded by OSM.
  • Contours Australia - elevation contour overlay maps at 5m intervals. Needs to be used in conjunction with another map to provide the base display; it then provides contour lines over the top.


Useful maps for Oziexplorer & Oziexplorer CE are available from a number of sources.

  • The UBD Australian City Streets DVD contains the UBD maps for most major Australian cities in raster format, integrated with a version of Oziexplorer. They can easily be copied to a clean Oziexplorer install, together with .MAP files from the Oziexplorer website.
  • The Geoscience Australia NATMAP maps are also raster maps, and again suitable .MAP files are available from the Oziexplorer website.
  • gMapMaker enables you to make OziExplorer compatible maps (image + calibration file) and satellite images from Google Map tiles (satellite, hybrid, driving, terrain maps).

New Zealand


  • The NZ Open GPS Project Maps are generated from OSM data, and seem to be about the best free maps available for Garmin units.
  • Alternatively, there's an independant commercial map available at GTMaps.

United Kingdom Maps


  • TalkyToaster has UK maps generated from OSM data - these look great, though I haven't tried them myself.




My ASEAN Free GPS Map Project has free Garmin and Papago maps for Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and South Thailand.



Mapas Electronicos Argenintos (MAPEAR) is a community project to creat routable maps of Argentina.

View in English via Google Translate.



Perú Ruteable is a community project to creat routable maps of Peru.

View in English via Google Translate.

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