Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory (258M)
Description: This is the base install

Enemy Territory patch 2.60 (5.6M)
Description: Patch to aply to base install

Enemy Territory patch 2.60b (4.0M)
Description: Apply after the 2.60 patch

Enemy Territory Map Pack (108M)
Description: These are maps used by Telstra's Game Arena for playing Enemy Territory.  The instructions for unzipping are included in the file

Jaymod for Wolfenstein ET (6.5M)
Description: This mod for Wolf ET enables many of the functions we need, such as saving XP.  You can get it by allowing ET to download it while you attach to a game, but it is slow.  Download it here instead.
Make a new subdirectory in the "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" directory and call it "jaymod-2.0.6"  Unzip this file in there.

Urban Terror

More UT4 maps (34M)
Description: These are jump maps (in the main) so don't get vertigo or be a lemming.  However a steady shot with the PSG-1 is great fun.

Urban Terror 4 - arena maps (9.6M)
Description: Three new maps for arena deathmatch.  Small and fast!

Urban Terror 4.1 (708M)
Description: Urban Terror upgraded to 4.1  This file is an installer but it doesn't add UT 4.1 to Quake 3.  No, no.  It has its own executable program.  But you can get around this by copying the q3ut4 folder to the Quake III Arena folder after the installer has finished.  Then you remove the program folder that has been installed.  The installer does nothing special except make the unzipping automatic.

A note learned from bitter experience.  UT 4.1 has a greater requirement for RAM.  Therefore don't be surprised when you get a hunk_Alloc error.  Here's what you do.  Start UT by starting Quake 3, always.  In Quake 3 press ~ (tilde) to get the console.  Type com_hunkMegs (exact case).  This will tell you how much RAM has been allocated for Quake.  Default is 56 Mb.  Your hunk_Megs won't be enough for UT 4.1  Type in the Quake 3 console "seta com_hunkMegs 256" without the quotes.  When you restart Quake all will be well.  Go to mods and choose UT 4.1 and then use the console again to check that com_hunkMegs if 256.  Now you're done.

Doom 3

Last Man Standing 4 (298M)
Description: The latest Last Man Standing mod, suitable for the latest and final Doom3 patch.

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